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Tana Toraja, the Charm of a Beautiful Country rich in Culture

Selasa, 26 Januari 2021 | Januari 26, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2022-01-26T17:06:16Z

Tana Toraja, the Charm of a Beautiful Country rich in Culture

Enchantment of Tana Toraja, Beautiful Country Rich in Culture Talking about tourism in Indonesia is endless. Starting from Sabang to Merauke, various tours are spread out to pamper its visitors. One of the tourist destinations in Indonesia is the island of Sulawesi, especially Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja Tana Toraja is one of the districts in South Sulawesi which has various kinds of amazing tourist objects. Exotic natural tourism and its cultural diversity will amaze tourists. Tana Toraja can be reached by land or air. The land route usually takes 8 to 9 hours. Meanwhile, if by air it may only take an hour. Arriving at Tana Toraja, tourists will be faced with various tourist options. The following are tourist recommendations that must be included in the Tana Toraja tourism shortlist.

Land Above the Clouds If you are interested in high-altitude tours, you can visit Pango-pango Makale which is included in agro-tourism. Located in the hills, the natural scenery in this place is so beautiful. Not to mention the cool atmosphere will reassure you. 

This is indeed a characteristic for tourism in the hills. It is not wrong if this tourist spot is often referred to as the land above the clouds. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scattered trees, as well as the green shrubs that stretch out. 

Enjoying panoramic views of the hills and mountains can also be done from here. In addition, looking at the City of Makale from this place will be an amazing thing for your tour activities. Apart from Pango-pango Makale, you will also be faced with another country above the clouds, namely Totombi. 

This tourist attraction is located in Lembang Hamlet, Benteng Mulu Village, Kapalapitu District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi. The entrance fee to this place is only 15 thousand. Tourists can enjoy the enchanting sunset and sunrise panoramas. Enjoying the land above the clouds, of course, you have to prepare a thick jacket so you can withstand the cold.

Looking at the culture of the Toraja people Londa is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Tana Toraja. This tourist attraction is a tomb located on a rock cliff. On these cliffs, there are caves that function as tombs. In the cave, there are coffins and bodies, bones and skulls that are hundreds of years old. In addition, when visiting Londa, tourists will also be presented with the appearance of statues lining the lip of the rock cliff. 

These statues are often called Tau Tau by local people. The statue is none other than a statue of a corpse buried in Londa. Apart from Londa, tourists can also find rock cliff burials in Kete Kesu. This place is only 4 km from the city of Rantepao. Apart from the funeral, visitors can also see the Tongkonan traditional house which is the pride of the Toraja people. This traditional house is nothing but a temporary storage place for the body before burial. Those who have a degree or position in society will also have a high place at the cemetery. Likewise ordinary people. They are usually buried in the lower ranks. 

In Toraja custom, when someone dies, a traditional ceremony called Rambu Solo will be held. This ceremony is a ceremony to honor the corpse before burial. This ceremony will be carried out when all family members of the person concerned are complete. In addition, the cost for this ceremony is also quite large because you have to slaughter a buffalo in the process. Sometimes, due to family reasons or not enough money for the ceremony, the corpse will be kept for years at the Tongkonan House. This shows that the Toraja people really maintain their traditions.

Exploring the Beauty of Toraja Nature Apart from culture, Tana Toraja is also famous for its natural beauty. With its geographical location, most of which are at an altitude, Tana Toraja offers a wide selection of natural attractions, from hills to waterfalls. 

Seeing the natural scenery of Toraja can be done at the top of the Buntu Burake hill. This place is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, and only about 30 minutes from the location of the stone grave in Lemo Village. Apart from enjoying the scenery, tourists can also see the tallest Jesus statue in the world. Taking pictures in this place will certainly produce interesting shots with the city of Toraja in the background. If not satisfied, tourists can visit Puncak Lakawan. 

This place is more commonly referred to as Mount Nona. The view from the top of these mountains is very beautiful, especially with the golden yellow mountain range, combined with the expanse of natural green Toraja, and the painting of the blue sky above. An exotic sight. Satisfied with the hills and mountains, now is the time for tourists to switch to enjoying waterfall tours. Tourists can visit Talondo Tallu Waterfall. This waterfall has three branches, making it unique. Besides its beauty, this waterfall also has its own mystique. 

It is said that there is a very large eel called Masapi. This Masapi cannot be caught or even eaten. In addition, tourists are also not allowed to wear black clothes. Even though it is seized with mysticism, the cold water typical of the highlands from this waterfall will bring a comfortable atmosphere for tourists. To reach this waterfall, tourists have to walk about 8 km. This long distance will pay off with the beauty of Talondo Tallu Waterfall.

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