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6 Toraja Tourist Attractions Worldwide and Worth Visiting

Jumat, 23 April 2021 | April 23, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-23T08:47:33Z

6 Toraja Tourist Attractions Worldwide and Worth Visiting
6 Toraja Tourist Attractions Worldwide and Worth Visiting

To see the natural beauty of Toraja, there are 6 global attractions and places of interest that are worth a visit.


Foto : Lemo Toraja

Cliff Burial Site

A burial site comprised of a

commanding karst cliff that

blends beautifully with the

surrounding vegetation and rice

fields. This burial site is estimated

to date back to the 16th century

and you will see several Tau Tau

(wooden statues) craftsmen who

have sold these figurines at this

site for generations.


Foto : Londa Toraja

Cave & Cliff Burial Site

Londa is a sight to see, with its

panorama of a rice field at the

foot of a large cliff face dotted

with graves, coffins, and large

hanging vines. Explore the

beauty of the natural cave walls

with an interesting love story waiting to be told.


Karassik Hills

Batik & Jewelry Making

Learn how to make beautiful

Toraja batik in the village of

Karassik Hills, only 10 minutes

from Rantepao. By using

traditional Indonesian methods

and ingredients to outline

and color traditional Torajan

motifs, you can make Torajan

batik and bring one home with

you. Also try making beaded

Torajan necklaces, bracelets, and

earrings, perfect as souvenirs.


Foto : Sesean Suloara'

Tourism Village

The cultural village of Sesean

Suloara several activities including soft trekking through bamboo forests, hiking up Mount Sesean, visiting Loko Mata (burial site in a large boulder), miniature-Toraja-

house making workshop

and enjoy a performance of traditional Torajan dances or

even jump in on a rehearsal at Sanggar Tari Pana' Suloara.


Foto : Lolai Toraja

Nature Site

Popularly known as the Land Above the Clouds. With views over an expanse of clouds like white cotton, you will get a sensation of being above the clouds. While waiting for the sunrise, white clouds gather close to your feet, creating an irreplaceable experience. You also can taste Torajan coffee while enjoying a panoramic view of the sunrise.


Foto : Burake Toraja

Religious & Nature Site

The Burake Jesus Statue stands 40 meters high (131 feet) and is claimed to be a statue of Jesus located at the highest elevation in the world. From this large statue, you can overlook the city of Makale and enjoy the breeze. Additionally, you can explore the majestic karst clusters surrounding the statue.

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