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Toraja Coffee

Jumat, 23 April 2021 | April 23, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-23T08:11:59Z

Toraja Coffee
Toraja Coffee, Like any other valuable treasure,

Torajan coffee has sparked up

feuds between noblemen in the

past. The “Coffee War” was an

epic battle that started when the

Buginese tried to conquer Toraja

in the 1890s, solely triggered by

the highly valued coffee trade.

A taste that [nourished] the

hearts of Torajan ancestors will

definitely inspire everyone with

every sip. Indulge yourself in

the quintessential taste of Toraja

Arabica coffee. Sip it while fixing

your sights on the breathtaking

views of Torajan nature, existing

at the perfect elevation for the

cultivation of this delicious

coffee. With all its astounding

qualities, no wonder Toraja

coffee has the "Black Gold"

stamped on its back.

The exceptional taste of Toraja

coffee has been exalted by Dutch

noblemen as well as modern day

coffee enthusiasts. What makes

the taste so invigorating are the

complex algorithms embedded

within the atmosphere of Toraja

as a geographical standpoint,

creating an environment that

produces the perfect Arabica coffee.

These facts have helped Toraja coffee gain Geographical

Indication Protection (GI) for

its flavors so distinct that none

other is equal to it.


Every weave and profound

stitching can be felt by anyone

touching the handmade

marvels that are Torajan Tenun

textiles. Displayed proudly in

amalgamation with beautiful

rice fields surrounding

the premise, the cloths are

essentially remnants of Torajan

ancestors that still exist to this



The artistic side of Toraja

never ceases to amaze. The

magnificent carvings shall leave

you fascinated, as the beauty

and the philosophies collaborate

aesthetically,forming sublime unity imprinted onto the valuable Tongkonan. The base pattern of Toraja is called Garonto' Passura' and diverges into four patterns. The sun, or Pa' Barre Allo, symbolizes that life is bestowed by the divine.

The rooster, or Pa' Manuk

Londong, emphasizes Torajan

norms, laws, and leadership

concept. The buffalo motif,

Pa’tedong, characterizes

prosperity in life, while the

Pa' Sussu pattern portrays

democracy and wisdom as the

foundations of society. Together

they give structure to the exalted

concept of an ideal life according

to Torajans.

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