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Treasures Can Be Searched, Physical Can Be Polished But A Sincere Heart Can't Be Engineered

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2021 | Agustus 14, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2022-01-26T17:05:50Z

In looking for a partner, you may be attracted to physical perfection. But don't be lulled by its beauty.

In looking for a partner, there's nothing wrong with looking for an established one but don't get labeled as a matre. What is certain is that wealth can be found, physical can be polished, but those who sincerely love cannot be manipulated.

It is true, those who have perfect physiques are always attractive to the eye, those whose wealth is always synonymous with being happy. But unfortunately, sometimes all that can not be obtained.

After all, a perfect physique will age with age. A lot of wealth will run out if he can not manage or even if he is not responsible. It could be that you only see his wealth, remember not to look at a man from his wealth, but from his responsibility.

Don't be easily tempted by those with thick wallets, because treasures can be searched. He who has nothing now can be richer later

For those of you who are currently looking for a partner, don't just prioritize the contents of the wallet. Even though the contents of his wallet are thick, if he is not responsible, your life will not be as happy as his life.

For men too, don't just look at women who are rich, because it could be that your pride will be trampled on.

Look for a simple partner, who has good morals and of course has the same opinion and religion. For women, do not be afraid to marry a man who is poor in wealth. Because a woman who is pure in heart will never be afraid to marry a man who is poor in wealth.

Don't underestimate him who has nothing but has a crush on you. You Don't Know Him Who You Underestimate Now You Might Admire Later

If at this time someone is trying to love you sincerely and wants to go to His Jannah with you. But unfortunately he is not yet financially established, don't let him underestimate him. If you really don't want to marry him, just refuse him, but don't be surprised if one day he is established, you will surely regret and be amazed by him. While you are still loyal to the fate of being single or just dating.

Although he currently does not have abundant wealth, but if he already has a permanent job or is very active in business. Whereas you actually love him but because of the economic situation that makes you start to doubt. Try to make peace with yourself, because fighting together is much more beautiful than fighting alone.

Look for a partner, don't look for something that's smooth, because the body can be smooth anytime if you take it to a doctor

For men, looking for a partner is not only pleasing to the eye. Its body, which is like a Spanish guitar, will become a peod when it gets old. It could be that at this time his smooth face and body are often taken to the doctor and to the salon. So that only physically beautiful while the heart is not necessarily beautiful.

In looking for a partner, look for someone who sincerely loves you, not because you are with you who only wants money. Do not exchange the smooth with the sincere, because the smooth will change with age. While sincere, God willing, will remain sincere.

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