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VIRAL, Seconds of a Video of a Mother Throwing Her 3 Children from the Second Floor of the Apartment

Senin, 06 September 2021 | September 06, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2022-01-26T17:05:49Z

The sacrifices of parents for their children know no bounds, whatever they do when the child is in danger, including self-sacrifice.

A heartwarming parental sacrifice caught on surveillance cameras when an apartment building in China caught fire.

In the video, a mother can be seen holding two children aged 3 and 9 outside the window.

Behind the mother there was a thick billow of black smoke, which would have left them out of breath if they had stayed inside.

They were on the 5th floor of the apartment building where they lived.

Proof of Parent's Sacrifice For Their Beloved Child

During the incident, witnesses saw the mother throwing blankets and bed sheets down while screaming for help.

The people below immediately made artificial nets so the children could jump safely.

When the artificial anvil or net was ready, the witnesses immediately ordered the mother to release the children.

With the fire conditions getting bigger, the mother immediately released her 9-year-old child to jump.

Many witnesses screamed when they saw the child jump from the 5th floor window. But luckily the child managed to land safely.

Furthermore, the mother, whose name is not known, is ready to throw her toddler daughter.

As the child was released, more screamed as the little toddler floated up and down. He barely survived, but the witnesses managed to save him.

While the mother was still on top, her energy had been drained. Shortly after releasing her youngest child, the mother passed out in the window.

Reports compiled by local media said that although the mother managed to save the lives of her children, she could not save herself.

Her daughter suffered a broken leg, and required surgery. His son survived without serious injuries. Her two children were taken to hospital and her condition is stable.

Unfortunately, the heroic mother was declared dead by the doctors. May his soul rest in peace there.

The struggle of a mother who tries hard to save the lives of her two children must be a lesson for all of us, mother's love knows no bounds.


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